Daily maintenance of single screw air compressor


Daily maintenance of single screw air compressor Check […]

Daily maintenance of single screw air compressor

Check the machine for oil leakage before starting the machine.

When starting up daily, you should first activate the start button 1 or 2 times. Each start time is within 5 seconds, that is, stop before the star-delta conversion. At the same time, observe whether the oil level drops, and confirm that the temperature does not rise rapidly, extruder screw barrel you can start normally.

After the start-up, you should pay attention to the temperature change. The temperature rise should not be too fast. After the start-up is very kind, the machine temperature should be stable. After 10 minutes of normal startup, it should be observed whether the oil level is between the two red lines, preferably on the upper red line, but not below the lower red line. If the oil level is too low, it should be replenished in time. (When refueling, stop for 5 minutes and confirm that there is no pressure before refueling).

After starting the machine, observe whether the indicator light is normal, whether the pressure is normal, whether there is abnormal sound. If there is abnormal sound, press the emergency stop button to stop the inspection.

Stop the machine by pressing the stop button, and stop the machine after the delay. (Remember, it is strictly forbidden to press the emergency stop button during normal stop, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the machine)

The external dust should be cleaned daily, and the oil level, temperature, running time and air pressure change should be recorded for reference after maintenance.

Radiator: Divided into (air-cooled machine and water-cooled machine), the heat generated by the gas is brought to the radiator by the lubricating oil for cooling treatment. Long-term operation of the air compressor at high temperatures will seriously affect the displacement and service life of the machine, and must be at least once a month. In a dusty environment, the radiator and the ventilation mesh on both sides of the cabinet are cleaned twice a month to ensure the heat dissipation effect (use high pressure **** to blow dust, if there is grease, clean the outer surface of the radiator with detergent)

Air filter: It is a device that filters the air in the working environment to prevent dust in the air from entering the air compressor and affecting the working performance and service life of the machine. The air filter should be cleaned regularly (blow dust with high pressure **** once a month). If it is found to be perforated or severely blocked, it should be replaced in time (Note: disassemble after stopping and prevent other items from inhaling and damage the machine)