How to select the right screw and barrel


Generally speaking the ratio of importance in the selec […]

Generally speaking the ratio of importance in the selection between the screw and barrel should fall more so on the screw and non-return design/selection and metallurgy.

So if you are still keeping score, the need to select the right screw and barrel is critical for any application. However, when should this critical component be clarified in the commercial conversation? In reality, it isn’t discussed as early as it should be in the build-up for a brand new machine. It is not likely that you’ll find it at the top of a new machine conversation, but it should follow close behind.

More often than not, you’ll find that the topic of screw and barrels is discussed in an aftermarket setting. Even after a machine has been running for a long period of time, many molders forget to look at newer or improved screw and barrel technology. Continual improvements in screw and barrel sizing, coatings and metallurgy have shown to improve efficiency, performance and general material handling versus potential cost and changes related to the clamp end.

As plastics molders look at updating old machinery with brand new ones, or even just looking at retrofitting some existing machinery; make sure you take a look at your screw and barrel for some much needed performance and productivity.