What is an injection molded copper nut


Injection-molded copper nuts can also be understood as […]

Injection-molded copper nuts can also be understood as inlaid copper nuts or embedded copper nuts. Different injection-molded copper nuts appear on the market, and their uses are also different.

The main purpose of the copper insert is to inject the product into some plastic parts, which can form an effective internal thread in the plastic part after installation. The operation method is to embed the product into a plastic part after heating or barrel nuts and screw directly use a mold for injection. Because brass has good thermal conductivity, pressing the copper insert into the plastic matrix after heating can quickly heat up the product and speed up work efficiency. The heated copper insert can also quickly conduct heat to the plastic part, thereby making the plastic The periphery of the hole becomes soft, thereby quickly pressing the product into the hole. If mold injection is used, after the copper insert is heat-injected into the plastic part, due to the embossing process on the outer diameter, it will form a certain friction and bite force with the copper insert after forming, which can make it fixed inside so that it cannot fall off.

Products are widely used in: mobile phones, laptop computers, a variety of plastic shells, communications, micro-motors, computers, electrical appliances, electronics, toys, watches, lighting, locomotives and other industries.

Mainly include: CNC computer car parts, mobile phone nuts, embossed nuts, hot melt nuts, hot pressed nuts, embedded nuts, ultrasonic nuts, injection nuts, insert nuts, copper shafts, copper columns, copper sleeves, copper cups, Twenty categories, including precision shafts and non-standard screws and nuts, have tens of thousands of specifications.

Copper nuts, also known as embedded nuts and embedded copper nuts or plastic embedded nuts, are divided into hot-melt copper nuts, hot-pressed copper nuts, embedded copper nuts and ultrasonic copper nuts according to different usage methods.

This product is widely used in the embedded parts of mobile phone shell/notebook shell/injected parts/plastic parts. It is used as an internal thread. The outer circle is embossed to prevent sliding.

As the name implies, the embedded copper nut is a nut made of copper material (usually lead brass, such as H59, H62, etc.). The embedded copper nut we come into contact with daily is mainly hexagonal nut or matched with bolt Other types of embedded copper nuts.

Why are embedded copper nuts used in daily production activities? Because embedded copper nuts have the advantages of not being easy to rust, anti-corrosion, easy to conduct heat and strong electrical conductivity, they are generally used for rust prevention, high temperature, electrical conductivity, heat conduction, etc. Use environment, such as faucet, valve, electrical switch, mechanical assembly, etc.