Bimetallic screw barrel for injeciton molding machine

Bimetallic screw barrel for injeciton molding machine

Treatment Process:                     

Spray bimetallic layer                     

Centrifugal casting bimetallic              


 Technical parameters:

 Alloy depth:0.8-2.0mm

 Alloy hardness:HRC56-65

Bimetallic barrel for injeciton moulding machine


Screw diameter: Ø20-Ø220  L/D=20-22

Mould clamping force: 100KN-35000KN

Shot weight:30-30000G

Screw structure and compression ratio can be designed according to different products and raw material.


Base Materials:

1)38CrMoAlA(JIS SACM 645)

2)42CrMo(AISI 4140)

3)Cr12MoV(JIS SKD-11)

4)4Cr5MoSiV1(JIS SKD-61)


6)DC53 (JIS G4404)


Bimetallic Alloy Materials:

1)Fe-based alloy

2)Ni-based alloy

3)Co-based alloy

4)NiCo-based alloy

5)Wolfram carbide


Processing Technology:

Heat treatment

High-frequency quenching

Nitriding treatment

Hard-chrome electroplating

Bimetallic alloy welding

Technical Parameter:

Nitrided layer depth:0.50-0.80mm

Nitrided hardness: 950-1100HV

Nitrided brittleness: Less than 2 level

Surface roughness: Ra 0.4μm

Linearity of screw: 0.015mm/m

Hard-chrome plating hardness after nitriding: ≥950HV

Chrome-plating layer depth: 0.025~0.10mm

Bimetallic layer depth: 3-5 mm


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Single barrel
Full length bimetallic

Twin barrel
Output zone bimetallic

Twin barrel
Output zone bimetallic

Full length bimetallic


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